همزمان با تماشای مستند Expelled

maybe it’s because we Iranians, or on a bigger scale, let’s say we easterners want to wait for the eggs to hatch into tiny chicks and then for those tiny things to grow into large monsters and then we enter the scene with a shining sword to behead that monster before the world’s admiring eyes: look at the myths we have, the heroes we have, and by an unwritten culture we are getting encouraged to be boastful of this our way.

 I want to say that for problems, too, we tend to take the same approach: take doubts in science as an instance: when theories of atheists like evolutionism first started to grow and even before that, when they were just beginning to hatch, our scholars, though equipped with truly powerful weapons of wisdom and reasons, could shake a leg and say something and contribute somehow, yet I don’t know why but they didn’t. Maybe they were kept occupied with stupid kings and shahs, with wars, with wives, with whatsoever  capable of keeping a nation away from thinking. Now even in 2013, we are having the same saddening story, with most of our scholars, sitting there waiting for the important but not-yet-urgent (and thus unsurfaced) problems to grow into important and urgent issues in order to then unsheathe their shining sword and show others who they are. BUT THE WORLD EXPECTS more from us, and But God verily expects more from us, why should we sit and wait for they themselves to get bored with their theories and deny or reject them while we claim (and rightly we do) that all the answers are in the Quran, that Islam is (and it really Is) the solution to all human needs. why are we so dumb, why? 🙁

well, let’s be honest, let’s be frank, and let’s face it: they have disarmed us by taking the language off from us, saying to one another: “Don’t worry, Iranian Shias may know the answers, even the most challenging threatening answers to all our ado, but don’t worry: they can’t speak English most of them, they can’t express themselves fluently, they can’t communicate to the world because of this lack of power to know the language of the world. And those of them who can are kept busy with safe things (safe for us), to films, to entertainment, to good things ;)”

Now here on our side, some of us see and feel the threat of an upcoming issue, but most yet don’t see the seemingly separate parts on the table as pieces of One jigsaw. I mean we can’t see the single one string putting all these beads together: beads of their big nasty atheist look at the world in their literature, their science, their arts, their media, and in the world of technology: and that one string is falsehood vs Truth, satan vs God, evil vs Good, atheism vs Monotheism. We? freely advertising all these in our classes, in our books, in our academic paralyzed system of educating and education.

Well this writing might prompt some pondering in some sane selves: Now, go see what it can mean: Bismillah!

And oh, forgot to say it: another big bad news is that they are so united in this their falsehood while we are so untied in that our Truth… why is it so? what has made us be like this, what has become of us?…

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  1. asma می‌گوید:

    teacher i think there is a bigger problem:
    not only we just sit and wait fr further problems but olso we are joining them
    unfortunately scholars even can’t convience iranians that these theories r wrong
    they just learned to gather people in street. it is not bad ,even it is very good and shows that we r not potato but when people don’t know the real reason and what is going to happen, what is its benefit?

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